Dare to Connect



Dare to Connect
provides all the material you need to reach your Muslim neighbor with the Good News of the Gospel

If you have questions about taking the first step to reach your Muslim neighbor with the love of Jesus, you are not alone. You need tools to build anything, even to build a bridge with your Muslim neighbor! Dare to Connect provides all the material you need. This one-year outreach tool-kit can help you address obstacles with your Muslim friend; share a movie of the story of Jesus, video testimonies of former Muslims who are now followers of Jesus, and more.

 The Dare to Connect Tool-Kit Includes:

  • Four apologetics tracts for Muslims, titled:
    • Is Today’s Bible Corrupted?
    • Was Jesus Crucified?
    • This is Blasphemy! Why Do You Call Jesus the Son of God?
    • Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
  • English New Testament (NIV) Gospel of John in English and Arabic with commentaries for Muslims
  • Jesus film DVD in 16 languages
  • More than Dreams testimonies DVD
  • Suggested one-year outreach plan
  • Authentic hummus recipe


  • “The tracts address the exact questions that my Muslim neighbor asked me!”
  • “More Than Dreams really spoke to my Muslim friend; it was like they saw themselves in the video.”
  • “I didn’t know where to begin but this resource made it easy to witness to my Muslim friend.”
  •  “One of the tracts was worth the entire cost!” 

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