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Knowledge sets us free and protects us from false teachings. That's why the Dare to Explore bible study and companion DVD lessons are a crucial resource. Its purpose is to help equip the church in order to make a positive lasting change among Muslims. Any true Christ follower may facilitate this 12 week study. 

Islam is the second fastest growing religion in the world. One out of five people is a Muslim. Muslims have a mission to Islamize the whole world and they believe that Islam is the true religion of their god. Only 10% of the Muslims in the world are fundamentalists, the rest are victims of their religion "Islam". Jesus' redeeming work on the cross includes them as well. Therefore we have to reach them with the Good News of the Gospel. We also have an obligation to protect our children and grandchildren from the westernized version of Islam that tries deceptively to present a friendly and peaceful Islam.

Dare to Explore Bible Study will equip you to:

  • Know the truth about Islam.
  • Know more about the Muslims in North America.
  • Be able to compare between the Muslim beliefs and the true Biblical faith.
  • Be equipped with practical ways to reach Muslims in your community.
  • Be capable of addressing the main difficult questions that Muslims ask.
  • Possess trusted resources for more in-depth studies about Islam and your own faith.
  • Have a more explicable Biblical worldview on the subjects discussed.
  • Highlight specific Biblical and Qur'anic passages in your discussions with Muslims.


  • "I had no idea how to approach my Muslim neighbors without offending them. Not only did the study teach me what Muslims believe, but it prompted me to be courageous and zealous in pursuing the lost."
  • "This Bible study is a huge undertaking and very well done."
  • "Not only did I truly enjoy the Bible study, I learned a TON of new information."
  • "It helped when the book contrasted Christianity with Islam. Although I learned a great deal about Islam, it also helped clarify my Christian doctrine/beliefs."
  • "This study is fantastic and very informative!"

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