Guide a Dare to Explore Study


Dare to Explore is a 12-lesson study great for adult Sunday school and Bible study groups. It takes you on journey where you learn about Islam and its teachings, and compare it with the Bible and the Christian faith.


At the end of this journey you will:

  • Know the truth about Islam.
  • Be aware of the spread of Islam in America.
  • Be able to make a comparison between Islamic beliefs and true Christian faith.
  • Be equipped with practical ways to reach Muslims in your community.
  • Be capable of addressing some of the difficult common questions that Muslims ask Christians.
  • Possess trusted resources for more in-depth studies to help you grow in your faith as well as learn more about Islam.
  • Have a more explicable Biblical foundation on the subjects discussed.
  • Highlight specific Biblical and Qur’anic passages in your discussions with Muslims.

Who can lead Dare to Explore:

Any person who has led a Bible study group can moderate and lead the lessons. You don’t have to be an expert on Islam. The lessons are self-explanatory, and additional resources are suggested at the end of each lesson.

Each lesson consists of five parts. Assigning each part to different people will encourage your group to prepare, participate, and reflect on the information before they come to class. 60 to 90 minutes is the average time needed to cover each lesson, answer the questions, and watch the testimony.

The guide notes and forms provided for the moderator are found at the end of the book.

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