Dare to Ask


With Islam in the news daily today we realize Christians want to be informed on the subject of Islam from a reliable source. God led us to fill this void, in part, with our daily one-minute vignettes, Dare to Ask. Since May 2012, we have been delivering 22 spots monthly to radio stations at no charge.


How Dare to Ask Equips Believers

Dare to Ask provides powerful nuggets of information on many topics like: Ramadan, hospitality, Muslim women, prayer, etc.  These one-minute vignettes help believers understand Islam and equip us with practical ways to reach our Muslim neighbors with the Love of Christ.


How to get Dare to Ask on your station

Radio Program Directors: To broadcast Dare to Ask daily on your Christian station, contact us at info@calloflove.org or call at 832-220-4040. 



Listen to Samples



What listeners and radio stations are saying...

“These professionally recorded radio spots generate interest with current information about Islam.”

“DTA promotes Christian evangelism to Muslims and provides trusted resources.”

“These vignettes enrich our stations and set us apart.”

“This information is on the cutting edge of ministry today.”

“I’m surprised how much I can learn in one minute!”