The Simple Truth


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Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, The Simple Truth is for you

The Simple Truth is a valuable quick reference for students and adults of all faiths who want to know the differences between the teachings of the Quran and the Bible. This 60-page, 60-subject booklet is in bullet-point format. It compares topics like sin, paradise, salvation and martyrdom as they are referenced in the Quran and the Bible. Samya has made complex subjects easy to understand. This quick reference tool can also be used by schools, colleges, and churches to equip the next generation.  Facts are presented, complete with references.


  • “I purchased one copy of The Simple Truth and after reading it ordered 10 more copies to give away.”
  • “This book is a gem. It helped me understand my Muslim co-workers.”
  • “I have been teaching on the subject of Islam for years and have never come across a resource like this; it will be valuable for my students.”

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