If you are a former Muslim and would like to share your testimony with us, please contact us so that we can schedule a time to do a video interview with you. 

Rachid didn't realize that his new found faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior would cause his family to
turn their backs on him. It was something he couldn't imagine. Watch his full testimony.

As a young man in Egypt, Daniel cried out to Allah to change him.  He wanted to know Allah fully
and to be sure that Allah knew and loved him.  His cries went unanswered until one day, in a
mocking cry out to the Christian God, his request was heard and answered.  

As a teenager in Morocco, Wafa was desperate to feel Allah's presence in her life.  Though
she faithfully performed all of the Five Pillars, Wafa still felt empty and unloved by Allah. 
She went to a university in France where she met a group of Christians and became actively
involved in their Bible studies.  The love of Christ was shown to her through these
Christians and Wafa's heart was softened to the Living God as she read the Truth.

Growing up in the US with a Muslim Palestinian father, but a Catholic mother, Husein was
Muslim in name only.  At the age of 9, however, his parents divorced and his father took
him back to Palestine to live and be educated in Arabic and Islam.  When he came back
to the States as a teenager, he was a fully devout Muslim.  Alone in his home one day,
a vision of Jesus instantly changed his head and his heart to be the Christ-follower that he is today.

Growing up in a nominal Muslim home in Tunisia, Sophia's eyes began to open to true Islam when she began to question some Muslim practices. As a young woman living in England, she was forced to account for her Muslim faith after the terrorism attacks of 9/11. She earnestly began studying Islam and the Quran, which led her to the Bible. The Truth of the Bible was made clear to her through a dream and a vision that changed her life forever.

Belonging to a non-Muslim family in Iraq, Miriam's life was secure because her father was an officer in Saddam Hussein's regime.  But all of that changed when her father died unexpectedly and her mother was left a widow with children in a Muslim majority country.  Pressured to remarry and convert to Islam, her mother found a way to escape with the children to a neighboring country.  Though safe, Miriam was befriended by a group of Muslims at her university who pressured her to covert.  She began to search for the Truth and, ultimately, found it in Jesus.